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Using a Funny Motivational Speaker At Meetings Boosts Networking and Social Interaction

Thursday, June 30th, 2011 by bobgarner

According to the book, “Laughter: A Scientific Investigation,” by psychologist Robert Provine, laughter is all about creating social interaction – social bonding. Most meetings provide dry speaker after dry speaker and leave the networking and social interaction aspects of the event to the cocktail hour, dinner or an exhibit area. By following this format, you leave behind a crucial component to creating social interaction – laughter. That is one reason why having a funny motivational speaker at your meeting can help you boost networking and social interaction at your event – laughter increases bonding.

A reason that laughter creates a unique opportunity to bond is because our desire to laugh is primal. Evidence suggests that the mechanism to laugh is located in the brain stem, which controls other basic functions. When a group of people laugh together, you are tapping that primal behavior and providing an outlet for not only a release of that function, but also a way for a group of people to act as a cohesive unit, which is also a basic desire of humans.

Using a funny motivational speaker during a meeting aids event planners and meeting planners in not only providing a primal and powerful outlet for social interaction during a meeting, but also encouraging further networking and social interaction after the meeting at cocktail receptions, dinner, etc.  Audience members now have something in common and a topic, beyond the reason for attending the meeting, about which to speak.